Royal Family Kids Camp


RFK Camp as a nationwide organization has been around since 1985, North Dakota's RFK started in 2022 with the FIRST ever RFK camp in July of 2023. 

Royal Family KIDS Camp fosters resiliency, self-esteem, hope and positive memories. The camp curriculum and activities are woven through the modality of Trust-Based Relational Intervention to ensure our children are experiencing truly life-giving activities throughout the 5-day experience.

Below is out staff/mentor team from RFK Camp ND #1, 28 volunteers who believed in the mission of RFK.

"It's our desire for every child to experience 

unconditional love, hope and safety."

We do this through a 5-day summer camp experience catered to youth who have trauma & abuse backgrounds. Our greatest hope is that they would have a chance to be kids, have fun & know that there are adults that care. This is accomplished through trauma responsive trainings, community support and a 1-2 (Mentor-Camper) ratio.  

“The overall effectiveness of Royal Family KIDS camps that I have experienced is that one week at camp can be as effective as 1 year of counseling sessions.”

Becca C. Johnson, Ph.D.